GARD Guide has been an ambitious project requiring support from a broad group of experts representing various sectors with global coverage.  Two Committees and a Secretariate have been established to support development of the GARD Guide.  INAP greatly appreciates the service performed by the Committeemembers listed below: 

Steering Committee:

    Clive Bell – formerly ACMER/GA (Australia)

    Charles Bucknam – Newmont/ADTI (USA)

    Terry Chatwin – INAP Technical Manager/INAP (USA)

    Keith Ferguson – Project Champion (Canada)

    Adam Jarvis – University of Newcastle/PADRE/GA (UK)


Advisory Committee:

    Rich Borden – Kennecott (USA)

    Rodolfo Camacho – Freeport McMoRan (Chile)

    Dave Chambers – Center for Science in Public Participation (USA)

    Meiring du Plessis – Water Research Commission (SA)

    Linda Figueroa – Colorado School of Mines/ADTI (USA)

    Craig Ford – Inmet Mining (Canada)

    Ross Gallinger – IAMGOLD/INAP (Canada)

    Elizabeth Gardiner – Mining Association of Canada/MEND (Canada)

    Zhenqi Hu – China University of Mining and Technology (China)

    David Jones – Australia Department of Environment and Health (Australia)

    Lars-Ake Lindahl – Swedish Mining Association (Sweden)

    Glenn Miller – University of Nevada/Earthworks (USA)

    Peter Moore – Export Development Canada (Canada)

    Gavin Murray – ANZ Bank (Australia)

    Stephen Parsons – Export-Import Bank of the United States (USA)

    Bill Price – Natural Resources Canada/MEND (Canada)

    Jos Schaekers – Consultant (SA)

    Harvey Van Veldhuizen – World Bank – MIGA (USA)

    Dirk van Zyl – University of Nevada (USA)

    David Williams – US Bureau of Land Management/ADTI (USA)

    Christian Wolkersdorfer – PADRE/IMWA/TU – Cape Breton University (Canada)

    Jae Yang – Kangwon National University (Korea)

    Paul Younger – Newcastle University (UK)

    Paul Ziemkiewicz – University of West Virginia/ADTI (USA)


    Gilles Tremblay and Charlene Hogan – Natural Resources Canada/MEND (Canada)