What is the Global Acid Rock Drainage (GARD) Guide?

The GARD Guide web address:  www.gardguide.com

The International Network for Acid Prevention is pleased to announce that our dream of creating a ‘Global Acid Rock Drainage Guide’ is finally a reality. The official roll-out of the GARD Guide was on June 23, 2009 at ICARD 8 in Skelleftea, Sweden. The GARD Guide aims to be a world-wide reference for acid prevention and to identify Best Practice in the field of ARD. Consolidating the vast global knowledge on ARD management into a single document was not an easy undertaking. In order to create a truly global guide, experts from several countries contributed their knowledge to the development of the Guide.

Funding and sponsorship was crucial to ensure successful completion of the project. INAP committed a significant amount of its own funds to the project. The Canadian Mining Association (CMA) was also a sponsor.


A tremendous ‘thank you’ goes out to all of those who assisted in the project, especially to Keith Ferguson, the GARD Guide Champion for his willingness to take on such a daunting task. We appreciate the Golder Associates team who worked tirelessly to complete the GARD Guide on time and within budget.

The GARD Guide will be updated periodically, addressing comments and questions submitted on the Web or from workshops and Short Courses.  The GARD Guide Secretariat is taking responsibility for collecting this information. The first revision is focusing on four specific chapters: Chapter 4 – Characterization, Chapter 5 – Prediction, Chapter 6 – Prevention and Mitigation, and Chapter 7- Treatment. The update will be complete by Spring of 2012.  Following the revision, the GARD Guide will be translated into relevant languages, starting with Spanish.
The Executive Summary of the Guide has already been translated into Spanish and French. If you have questions concerning the GARD Guide, please contact Terrence Chatwin, INAP Technical Manager.