INAP's Role

In light of the key role the ICARD plays, INAP is committed to ensuring the continuing success of the conference. As ICARDs are hosted by different groups each time, INAP aims to provide a continuing ‘home’ for the conference – ensuring that the experience of previous ICARDs is carried forward. INAP also provides support for the conference and facilitates the incorporation of international elements.

At ICARD 7 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, INAP hosted the closing plenary session to elicit feedback from participants regarding how to improve the conference. Some of the following comments were received:

  • ICARDs should continue to be held in different countries in order to engage with a wider global audience. The aim should be to eventually have ICARDs also take place in Southern Africa, Asia, and South America.
  • A concerted effort should be made to engage a wider group of stakeholders, particularly regulators.
  • A focus on AD risk assessment would be valuable particularly at an industry management level.
  • Host cities with tourist attractions should be selected in order to help maximize participation.

These comments were considered for the selection of ICARD 8, which took place in Skelleftea, Sweden. The location and the conference were incredible. INAP invited bids for the location of the 9th ICARD at the closing session of ICARD 8. The location selected for ICARD 9 in May 2012 is Ottawa, Canada (See ICARD 9 for more information).