INAP Water Treatment Workshop October 2009

Water Treatment Workshop
October 7 – 9, 2009
Thatcher, AZ

Day 1

  1. Proactive ARD Management at Rio Tinto
    Rich Borden (Rio Tinto)
  2. Mining for Closure
    Tom Calhoun (Freeport-McMoRan (FMI))
  3. Preventing ARD from Mine Waste using Commercial Asphalt/Water Emulsions
    Robert Bartlett (University of Idaho, Retired)

  4. Innovative Approaches to Water Treatment
    Dan Ramey (FMI)
  5. Summitville Mine Superfund Site
    Kevin Conroy (Golder) and Austin Buckingham (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)
  6. Engineered Membrane Systems (EMS®) for ARD and other Hydrometallurgical Applications
    Larry Lien (HW Process Technologies)
  7. Resolution Copper – Mine Water Treatment Plant – Overview
    Darby Stacey (Resolution Copper)
  8. Phoenix Fortitude Pit Lake Water Treatment – Water Treatment for Mill and Dust Suppression
    Dean DeCock (Newmont)
  9. Biological Treatment of Tailings Solution – Nickel Plate Mine
    Barry Given (Barrick Gold Inc)

  10. Technical Support at Mine Influenced Sites: Advances in Remedial Technologies
    David Reisman (U.S. EPA)

Day 2

  1. Paper – The Evolution of Passive Mine Water Treatment Technology for Sulphate Removal (in South Africa)
    William Pulles and Ralph Heath (Golder Africa)
  2. Management of Mining-Impacted Groundwater, Bingham Canyon Mie, Utah, USA
    Kelly Payne (Rio Tinto)
  3. An Integrate Ecological Approach for Remediating Mine Waters
    D. Barrie Johnson (Bangor University)
  4. Biotechnology for Metal Recovery from Waste Streams
    Mike Bratty (BioteQ Environmental Technologies)
  5. Electrobiochemical Reactor (EBR): Metals, Nitrate and BOD
    D. Jack Adams, Mike Peoples, Nicol Newton and Madhuri Nanduri (University of Utah)
  6. Bio-Treatment of Mining Influenced Water: Iron King / Copper Chief Mine, Yavapai, County, Arizona
    Jim Gusek (Golder) and Ron Buchanan (FMI)
  7. Whistle Mine: Design, Construction and Performance Monitoring of the Pit Cover and Impacts on Water Treatment
    Lisa Lanteigne (Vale Inco)
  8. ITRC and Other Research Initiatives: Improving Regulatory Acceptance of Innovative Technologies
    Linda Figueroa (Colorado School of Mines), Paul Eger (Minnesota State Government), Cheri Baysinger (Missouri State Government) and Steve Hill (RegTech)