INAP recognizes and supports the excellent work on acid drainage carried out by regional groups around the world. They provide an important focus and a critical mass of activity in their regions. In an effort to develop a truly global AD network, INAP is partnering with key organizations to coordinate information flow and link activities through a Global Alliance.

INAP and partner organizations are also pleased to incorporate the South American Network for Acid Prevention (SANAP), the Chinese Network for Acid Mine Drainage (CNAMD), and Indonesian Network for Acid Drainage (INAD) as the newest partners of the Global Alliance.

The Global Alliance partnership does not include membership fees and is based on a Statement of Mutual Intent">Statement of Mutual Intent supported by a Scoping Document.

Global Alliance Partners

ADTI – Acid Drainage Technology Initiative – USA

MEND – The Mine Environment Neutral Drainage - Canada

SMI – Sustainable Minerals Institute – Australia

WRC – Water Research Commission – South Africa

CNAMD  – The Chinese Network for Acid Mine Drainage – China

IMWA  – The International Mine Water Association – Global

INAD  – The Indonesian Network for Acid Drainage – Indonesia

SANAP – The South American Network for Acid Drainage – South America

Seeking New Partners

INAP and regional partners are seeking to engage with groups in other regions who can:

  1. Engage research providers, academics, and governments in their regions.
  2. Undertake specific research projects and organize workshops and technology transfers on a consensus basis.

Please contact the Technical Manager for more information.